A Guide to Understanding Land Surveys

A Guide to Understanding Land Surveys Author Stephen V. Estopinal
ISBN-10 9780470230589
Release 2009
Pages 249
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The nonsurveyor's definitive land survey sourcebook?now extensively updated Over the last several decades, the Internet has allowed individuals with a non-technical background to assume more control of land surveys. But without a clear understanding of how to accurately use land survey data, and faced with the challenges of communicating specific requirements to a professional land surveyor, conflicts often arise that lead to litigation. A Guide to Understanding Land Surveys bridges the ever-expanding communication gap between the users of land boundary information and professional land surveyors. This indispensable guide clearly explains the functions and procedures required in every survey (routine or otherwise), and the role of a surveyor in their investigation and re-establishment. It is a must-have resource for title attorneys, paralegals, realtors, government agents, and others who rely on the information gathered and presented by land surveys. Written in nontechnical language and supported by numerous line drawings, A Guide to Understanding Land Surveys not only helps readers gain a strong familiarity with a survey, plat, or land description, but enables them to accurately evaluate it, detect any inadequacies, and make the proper adjustments to obtain approval. The Third Edition of A Guide to Understanding Land Surveys has been expanded with thirty percent new material and is fully updated to reflect the latest practice guidelines and technology, including the use of GPS and GIS in land boundary re-establishment. Also included is important new material on how technology should be interpreted in assessing the quality and accuracy of a land survey.

Writing Legal Descriptions

Writing Legal Descriptions Author Gurdon H. Wattles
ISBN-10 0960696288
Release 1979-01-01
Pages 300
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This book is a must for anyone who works with or writes legal descriptions. Each of the fourteen chapters is structured for the self teaching student or for class participation. Each chapter concludes with assignments, exercises, questions and answers. Supported by extensive court citations, the author presents the material in a concise style which can be understood by the student, practitioner or attorney. The text is supported by samples, recommended forms and extensive illustrations.

Legal Descriptions EZ

Legal Descriptions EZ Author Kenneth K. Wang
ISBN-10 1535576820
Release 2016-08-19
Pages 236
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This is the best Legal Description book you can buy; because this book will help you achieve two goals: 1.) How to write legal descriptions. 2.) The knowledge in this book will help you make money. I assure you will successfully achieve both. You will not find this information in any other books. ***A FEW WORDS ABOUT GOAL 1.)*** Writing a legal description is easy; just Follow the Instructions in this book; everyone will be able to prepare a perfect legal description for any parcel of land. Examining a legal description, Intent is key. I would like to point this out so you will not doubt your certainty. Follow the Instructions and you will be solo early. *** MORE ABOUT GOAL 2.)****** This book will provide you the basic knowledge to catch opportunities in expanding your wealth. The illustrations used in this book are real. Learn how to do the same by reading this book. You don't have to be a surveyor or engineer to get the financial benefits of reading this book. When it happens to you, please post your testimony in the book review section! LEARN ONCE AND YOU'LL BENEFIT FOR LIFE!

Legal Descriptions and Beyond

Legal Descriptions and Beyond Author Kenneth K. Wang
ISBN-10 1492999423
Release 2014-04-04
Pages 310
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***CAN YOU FIND THE FOLLOWING FROM ANY PUBLISHED BOOK?***No published book has formulated a simple procedure as is presented in this book. There are many examples in this book, see examples below.EXAMPLES:1.) After studying a Chapter, you will be able to prepare a legal description, (Chapter 3, and 4, long, short format Legal Descriptions, respectively). Or prepare a subtitle for a Tract map! * * *Take on this Challenge, TRY IT.* * *2.) Prepares a Quitclaim Easement, refer to Deed Chapter 7, follow the instructions and you will become a master in no time.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *BUT wait THERE IS MORE *FOR LAND SURVEYORS AND CIVIL ENGINEERS3.) When you need to prepare a subtitle for of a Parcel/Tract map, turn to Chapter 8; it will lead you to the "know-how" - there are 7 more examples.4.) When you need to prepare a Parcel/Tract map, Chapter 9 will show you:a) Two basic methods on preparing a subdivision map.b) Step by step procedures on preparing tentative mapsc) Step by step procedures on preparing Final maps* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *DISCOVER HIDDEN TREASURE TODAY- COVERT KNOWLEDGE TO MONEY Uniquely, this book has addressed how to utilize the knowledge in real life situations. Applying the knowledge in Chapter 6 can potentially earn you lots of money! It isn't an everyday event; however when the opportunity presents itself, your client or yourself maybe rewarded hundreds if not thousands of dollars. There are more samples in Chapter 12. That is what "enriching your coffer with knowledge" means.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *A MODERN BOOKThe creation of this book is the combination of decades of learning, researching, and working experiences. It is presented in an efficient way to transfer the "know-how" to the reader. The author knows what a beginner needs because he was once a beginner.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *WHO NEEDS THIS BOOK?Land Surveyors, Civil Engineers, Architects, Public Works Employees, Professors, Realtors, Title Officers, Escrow Officers, Attorneys, Right Of Way Professionals, Land Developers, Students, and Home Owners.

Georgia Real Estate

Georgia Real Estate Author Gregory J. Dunn
ISBN-10 079312588X
Release 2002
Pages 176
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Dearborn's "Practice and Law" supplements are the premier source for current and detailed information about state real estate license laws and regulations. These state specific supplements work in conjunction with any of Dearborn's best selling principles texts, including: "Modern Real Estate Practice, Real Estate Fundamentals," or "Mastering Real Estate Principles."

California Easements and Boundaries Law and Litigation

California Easements and Boundaries  Law and Litigation Author Bonnie C. Maly
ISBN-10 9780762625680
Release 2017-08-15
Pages 984
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Succeed with this incomparable resource for drafting or litigating easements and related rights.

Writing Job Descriptions

Writing Job Descriptions Author Alan Fowler
ISBN-10 0852928661
Release 2000
Pages 71
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This book guides you systematically through the whole process of writing a job description - ensuring it is clear, accurate and makes a positive contribution to key management tasks. The book includes practical help on: - deciding what to include with full-length examples for simple and more complex jobs - defining essential job constituents - maintaining flexibility while avoiding contractual difficulties - using job descriptions to increase the effectiveness of your recruitment, selection, induction and appraisal procedures - tailoring information to assist in job evaluation.

Legal Research Analysis and Writing

Legal Research Analysis and Writing Author William H. Putman
ISBN-10 9781305948372
Release 2017-07-07
Pages 832
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Be the "go to" paralegal at your firm with the fourth edition of LEGAL RESEARCH, ANALYSIS, AND WRITING! This book shows you how to conduct reliable legal research, analyze the results, and write clear memoranda and other legal documents that are on-point and well supported. In addition to an easy-to-read format, this student favorite offers hypothetical scenarios, examples, and exercises that clarify the important work paralegals do every day to help law offices and legal departments run smoothly. Of course, the fourth edition offers the latest updates, with special attention to the electronic legal research tools common today. And, to add to your success, optional MindTap tools cater to your personal learning style with interactive quizzing, flashcards, and practice assignments that help you build momentum and confidence quickly.

Legal Analysis and Writing

Legal Analysis and Writing Author William Putman
ISBN-10 9781133016540
Release 2012-01-01
Pages 544
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LEGAL ANALYSIS AND WRITING, 4TH EDITION helps readers analyze statutes and cases and draft supporting legal memoranda. In addition to the fundamentals of good writing, legal or otherwise, the book illustrates how paralegals analyze and brief cases, identify key facts and legal issues, and apply case law and counteranalysis to legal matters, and more. Going beyond mere explanations, the book shows readers how to apply concepts to hypothetical situations, draft legal memoranda and correspondence, and scrutinize legal citations and Web research, to develop a thorough understanding of the analytical and writing responsibilities paralegals undertake. Legal Analysis and Writing, 4th Edition is a robust resource for any paralegal writing course and includes a host of available supplemental tools designed to enhance learning while simplifying instructor preparation. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Residential Report Writing and Case Studies

Residential Report Writing and Case Studies Author Mark A. Munizzo
ISBN-10 9780840049223
Release 2009-12
Pages 180
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AQB approved, this 15-hour text focuses on report writing with consideration for the appraisal process and the process of scope of work, as well as how these processes are interrelated giving users experience in the processes of reasoning and report writi

Encyclopedia of Geographic Information Science

Encyclopedia of Geographic Information Science Author Karen Kemp
ISBN-10 9781412913133
Release 2008
Pages 558
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The Encyclopedia of Geographic Information Science covers the essence of this exciting, new, and expanding field in an easily understood but richly detailed style. In addition to contributions from some of the best recognized scholars in GIScience, this volume contains contributions from experts in GIS’ supporting disciplines who explore how their disciplinary perspectives are expanded within the context of GIScience—what changes when consideration of location is added, what complexities in analytical procedures are added when we consider objects in 2, 3 or even 4 dimensions, what can we gain by visualizing our analytical results on a map or 3D display?

Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series

Catalog of Copyright Entries  Third Series Author Library of Congress. Copyright Office
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105119498538
Release 1977
Pages 1620
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Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series book for free.

Evidence and Procedures for Boundary Location

Evidence and Procedures for Boundary Location Author Walter G. Robillard
ISBN-10 9780471267843
Release 2004-02-15
Pages 624
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The up-to-date, new edition of the classic reference For over two decades, Evidence and Procedures for Boundary Location has been the cornerstone volume for surveying practitioners. In its Fourth Edition, this book upholds its superior presentation of boundary laws and evidence, and now introduces significantly revised content covering current laws, legal procedures and practices, courtroom responsibilities, use of GPS and GIS data, and waterway boundaries. This current edition prepares surveyors for the new legal, technical, and administrative aspects of surveying. The first section of this book covers resurveys or retracements of former surveys based on land records. It deals with the methods used for locating corners, lines, and parcels of these surveys, while detailing all types of evidence, including maps and documents; measurements; monuments and trees; and digital data. The increasing importance of an area's history to surveyors is also a featured topic. The later chapters examine the creation of new parcels of land from a legal standpoint. This edition also includes an in-depth examination of: * Professional liability * How to report evidence and use it in court * Court conduct, both as a defendant and as an expert witness * The origins of boundary evidence Whether used in conjunction with Brown's Boundary Control and Legal Principles, Fourth Edition, or on its own, Evidence and Procedures for Boundary Location, Fourth Edition, continues to stand as the fundamental reference for licensed practicing surveyors, lawyers, property owners, civil engineers, and students in surveying courses in two- and four-year programs. Its practical applications have also made it a widely used study guide for land surveyor examinations.

Land Tenure Boundary Surveys and Cadastral Systems

Land Tenure  Boundary Surveys  and Cadastral Systems Author George M. Cole
ISBN-10 9781498731669
Release 2016-08-05
Pages 207
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Land is important to all aspects of human life and has a key role in the economic well-being of society therefore, land tenure, land ownership, and real property law is a critical part of any developed nation. Together, the processes of how land parcels are held; how they are defined, measured, and described to allow economic transactions; how they are marked to allow their use and defense; and how they are legally protected have allowed for the orderly possession and use of land. In doing so, these processes have also provided the basis for the advanced economy of most developed nations. Very often, these processes—land tenure, boundary surveying, and cadastral systems—are considered separately. They are very much interrelated, and none of these processes may be completely understood without an understanding of the others. Land Tenure, Boundary Surveys, and Cadastral Systems provides an introduction to land tenure, cadastral systems, and boundary surveying, including an understanding of the interrelationship of these areas and their role in land tenure and real property law. This is especially true considering the advent of georeferenced cadastral maps reflecting the location of land parcels relative to many other components of the physical and legal infrastructure. Although intended as a basic text for college-level surveying courses, this book should also be of significant value to cadastral mappers, real property attorneys, land title professionals, and others involved with land transactions.

GW s Workshop Exercise Book

GW s Workshop Exercise Book Author Gurdon H. Wattles
ISBN-10 0960696210
Release 1980-01-01
Pages 65
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A companion book to Writing Legal Descriptions. The exercises, assignments and problems are presented in a distinct fashion with each being illustrated and referenced to the appropriate chapter and page of the text. The exercises are arranged in groups of various disciplines within the broad framework of land descriptions and boundary surveys.

Legal Writing Ethical and Professional Considerations

Legal Writing  Ethical and Professional Considerations Author Melissa H. Weresh
ISBN-10 9780327178682
Release 2009-06-16
Pages 227
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This book is designed to supplement a Legal Writing course, Ethics course, or Clinical course. The Second Edition of Legal Writing: Ethical and Professional Considerations tracks the types of documents typically produced in a first-year legal writing course. The book identifies ethical rules and professional concerns which pertain to the particular type of document and introduces cases illustrating how the rules should influence lawyers' behavior when preparing and submitting documents. It also contains notes designed to reinforce students' understanding of how the rules should impact them as they communicate professionally in writing. Contents include: • Chapter 1: Attorney Regulation: Sources of Ethical and Professional Considerations • Chapter 2: Engaging the Client-Conflicts • Chapter 3: E-Mail Communications • Chapter 4: Predictive Memoranda • Chapter 5: Client Letters • Chapter 6: Demand Letters • Chapter 7: Complaints • Chapter 8: Appellate Briefs • Chapter 9: Drafted Documents This eBook features links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

Nevada Real Estate Exam Preparation Guide

Nevada Real Estate Exam Preparation Guide Author Harry V. Eastlick
ISBN-10 9780324649482
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 144
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The NEVADA REAL ESTATE EXAM PREP SMART GUIDE is the SMART way to passing the Nevada real estate licensing exam with confidence! This exam prep study guide is written by an experienced real estate instructor who has prepared hundreds of licensees to pass t